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Dec 10, 2013 5:00am PST
celebrating the life of nelson and talent in paying respects to mom who is credited for bringing this nation together. for facilitating its first democratic elections. of course becoming its first democratically elected presidents. first black president as well. the tests continue to rise. clarifies things still to arrive service is scheduled to begin in exactly thirty minutes. african government has deployed the eleventh partisan troops just to make sure not everything that is smoothly. this memorial service. the by nelson on the list. what the lying in state at the union building in victoria. wednesday through friday. see pictures of people arriving there the moments. almost one hundred kmh is expected to attend this memorial service the bottom side archbishop desmond tutu. arriving. along with. henry kissinger the stormers call on tom some state ten years ago nelson and fellow won the nobel peace prize. we're going to stay with these live pictures we're going to check in regularly and will continue the offensive line if the memorial service live here on your news. the mean time we'
Dec 6, 2013 5:00am PST
south africans are taking in a future with alex nelson mandela off the day that the country's first black president that the struggle against apartheid. normal people that the gathering of the family home in johannesburg when he died in the company of his family after a long illness he was ninety five. early this year he'd spent months in hospital with the money infection. the announcement last night was made by the current president. for those of the pickens. going out to see what he does someone do. the funding president. let him open to the nation. this deprives the pasta farm. his footy the new company or peas from elite. how tolerant. today is tuesday on the stage. hope to serve them all the lights people gathered to share the news and celebrate the life of the man who sold the end of white minority rule and symbolize reconciliation and peaceful coexistence with that at this day to day. i think the effect is pot tonight and he didn't feel well and about i keep calling it that all we could eat it with all of you know. yes it says that she gets it. i sit there if you should celeb
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am PST
the life of nelson mandela as parliament prepares to take a more formal treaty. thailand's prime minister dissolve parliament and promises elections but that is to say a massive demonstrations will continue. courier protest is to set up barricades to prevent access to government buildings in kiev. the intent to disrupt the running of the country as civil servants and politicians tried to begin their working week. on sunday some of the top of the statue then in a symbolic times to present the tna convictions his parents because it ties with moscow i could've done it in a civilized manner and put it nicely in a museum like a piece of history. what has happened is the fault of the communists they have not given us the tools to do said in a civilized way because the key to the cost. they were against it said today in our country the anyway today was lights out. we will make you look a ticket the present by the government's decision to shelve and eat eighteen in favor of talks is russian the protest is on sale so it is to confront each of them now for weeks. i know i have corresponded
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3